The Virginity of Famous Men by Christine Sneed (Review)

The Virginity of Famous Men, award-winning story writer Christine Sneed’s deeply perceptive collection on the human condition, features protagonists attempting to make peace with the paths they have taken thus far. In “The Prettiest Girls,” a location scout for a … Continue reading

A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness (Review)


Conor has the same dream every night, ever since his mother first fell ill, ever since she started the treatments that don’t quite seem to be working. But tonight is different. Tonight, when he wakes, there’s a visitor at his window. It’s ancient, elemental, a force of nature. And it wants the most dangerous thing of all from Conor. It wants the truth.

Patrick Ness takes the final idea of the late, award-winning writer Siobhan Dowd and weaves an extraordinary and heartbreaking tale of mischief, healing and above all, the courage it takes to survive

OH MY GOODNESS!!!! what just happened? What was that? I sat down with this and just devoured it…. In one go (with an appropriate break to make coffee and go to the loo!)
It was absolutely amazing! Want to see how awesome I thought it was??


I’m starting to run out of superlatives…

So hauntingly beautiful.

It captured the frustration, fear and guilt of Conor perfectly. Coping with a broken family, sick mother, irritating Grandmother, absent father, lack of friends and bullying, not to mention visits from a giant tree monster…. wow!

I’m at a loss for words to explain why this was so good, just go read it for yourself.
Seriously one of the best books I have EVER read!!

Finished on January 18th 2017


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A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness