To DNF or to Finish???

Over the last couple of months I’ve been reading so much more than I have for a long time. I have been quite fortunate in that I have enjoyed nearly all of the books I have read. HOWEVER I have started to come across a few that I just don’t seem to be getting along with. In the past I would just push through, hoping that they would get better, or that the plot would have a hook that intrigued me.

Nowadays though, I have so many books that I want to read that I am starting to not want to have to try to read a book.

I recently saw some people on youtube talking about doing a first chapter challenge type thing. Basically you read the first chapter of a book, if you don’t like it then you get rid… maybe a little harsh, but I started reading a book that I had heard good things about, and just didn’t like the writing style, got to the end of the first chapter and thought, “why should I keep going if I really don’t like it now?”. I had got it out of the library because it sounded so good, so I put it on one side.

Would you return it unread? Try again? Put it back on your TBR/Wishlist?

Do you give up on books? How do you decide??

Let me know in the comments…

until next time!



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Top Five Wednesday – Favourite Sci-fi & Fantasy

I’m pretty new to this book blogging thing, and have seen lots of book tags flying around, especially on youtube, so when I saw this I thought I had to join in!

I’m pretty new to the fantasy genre too, and am trying to broaden my horizons but in the meantime here are my top 5…

5. Dustlands Series by Moira Young

I read Blood Red Road a while ago but I didn’t realise the sequels were available. I remember loving this one from cover to cover. So I’m really looking forward to the rest…

4. Borderline (The Arcadia Project) by Mishell Baker


I know this is the first of a series and I enjoyed it so much. The main character was fantastic, and the whole concept was mildly bonkers. Brilliant fun, and finally a character with disabilities get to kick ass in her own way!!! I need more! I’m just so glad I climbed aboard this train at the beginning rather than having to run to catch up.

3. The Bone Season Series by Samantha Shannon

I read #1 in this series a couple of years ago, and despite the difficulty getting into it I ended up loving it. I’ve just bought #3…

2. The Martian by Andy Weir


I loved this book – and whilst the film was great too, there was just so much more detail on the page. It’s not often that I can say I understand astrophysics, but this certainly helped! Oh and having a laugh with a space pirate was pretty good fun too!!!

1. A Court of Thorns and Roses series by Sarah J Maas

Yes I know they have problems, the relationships are abusive BUT I just can help myself. I really love this series. ACOTAR was good, enjoyable but problematic. ACOMAF was AMAZING!!! I just can’t wait for #3!!!

I have lots of fantasy & sci-fi on my tbr, and I’m currently reading 2 fantasy books, so I hope that I will discover some new favourites. Feel free to make suggestions….