About Me

I’m Helen, I live in the North West of England in an amazing Loft style apartment, with my partner of over 20 years (who I drive crazy with all my reading), and our adorable cat, Casper.

I’ve always loved reading, and as a child I spent half my school holidays in the library, and the other half at home reading what I had just borrowed.
I have pretty eclectic tastes, ranging from YA, to Chick Lit, to Horror and Fantasy. I’m pretty willing to try almost any book to be honest.

I don’t tend to read a lot of non-fiction (maybe I spent too many years studying with textbooks and the like), but i do read the occasional biography. I’ve also never really managed to get into historical fiction, so if you have any ideas or recommendations feel free to yell them at me.

I do read lots on my kindle, but I still say there’s absolutely nothing better that the feel and smell of a real book!

I’m also mildly obsessed with NetGalley… A huge chunk of the books I read come from there….

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