Hole in the Middle by Kendra Fortmeyer (Review)

hole in the middle

How do you know who you are when part of you is missing?

Morgan Stone was born with a hole in her middle: perfectly smooth patch of nothing where a something should be. After seventeen years of fear and shame, doctors and nurses, “peculiar” not “perfect,” she has had enough of hiding.

Feisty, feminist and downright different, Hole in the Middle is the story of what happens when a girl who is anything but normal confronts a world obsessed with body image and celebrity.

368 pages

Published 6th July 2017

A very peculiar tale about a girl with a literal hole in her middle and what happens when she is ‘outed’ on social media.

This explored deformities and disabilities in a really interesting way, asking if it matters, should people be embarrassed or ashamed, if you can ‘fix’ it should you as well as looking at the idea of instalove and soulmates.

This worked so well as a social commentary on body image, public shaming, feminism and parental protection, or lack of.

I have personal experience of disability as my partner is a wheelchair user with joint deformities, so I see on a daily basis how people treat him differently than ‘able bodied’ people. It can be frustrating in literature when there is a theme of ableism, trying to make everyone’normal’ and within this story, watching Morgan and Howie discover that physical differences do not necessarily have to define them.

I adored the friendship between Howie and Morgan, especially as he managed to teach her something about being different, and that extra bits can also mean something is missing. I know that didn’t seem to make sense but it will if you read the book!

I thoroughly enjoyed it, especially Morgan’s character as you could see here developing throughout the story.

Highly recommended!

Received via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Finished on June 7th 2017


You can buy the book here if you wish

Hole in the Middle by Kendra Fortmeyer

Hole in the Middle by Kendra Fortmeyer


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