First Love by Gwendoline Riley (Review)

First love

Neve is a writer in her mid-30s married to an older man, Edwyn. For now they are in a place of relative peace, but their past battles have left scars. As Neve recalls the decisions that led her to this marriage, she tells of other loves and other debts, from her bullying father and her self-involved mother to a musician who played her and a series of lonely flights from place to place.
Drawing the reader into the battleground of her relationship, Neve spins a story of helplessness and hostility, an ongoing conflict in which both husband and wife have played a part. But is this, nonetheless, also a story of love?

176 pages

I don’t know where to start with this one.

It really is a horrible little book.

The characters are horrid. There is very little plot. Half of it makes no sense. There is domestic abuse. There is possible alcoholism. There is some reminiscing.

I couldn’t make sense of what it was trying to do.

I am only giving this a generous rating of 3 stars (probably closer to 2 but I’m in a good mood!), because I found the arguing/abuse between Neve and Edwyn really believable, horrid and mean but believable.

I genuinely cannot think why this has been nominated for awards, (the Bailey’s nomination is why I read it), and I couldn’t recommend it to anyone. I’m sorry, but ughhhh!

Finished June 10th 2017


You can buy the book here if you wish

First Love by Gwendoline Riley


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