The Call by Peadar O’Guilin (Review)

the call

What if you only had 3 minutes to save your own life and the clock is already counting down…

Three minutes.
Nessa, Megan and Anto know that any day now they wake up alone in a horrible land and realise they’ve been Called.

Two minutes.
Like all teenagers they know that they’ll be hunted down and despite all their training only 1 in 10 will survive.

One minute.
And Nessa can’t run, her polio twisted legs mean she’ll never survive her Call will she?

Time’s up.

336 pages


I am feeling rather frustrated at the moment. I was absolutely loving this book until the end…why is it that there are so many stories that have unsatisfactory endings?

This was the story of a group of teenagers at a boarding school teaching survival skills to help them survive when they get the “Call” and are taken to a faerie realm and hunted.

The main character, Nessa, was really enjoyable. She was disabled (polio as a child leaving her walking severely affected). The supporting characters were good too – Conor (the main bad guy/bully) was really believable and so easy to dislike, as were his group of cronies. Nessa’s best friend was also great, with her being loyal to a fault.

The story of the school and faerie realm was well developed, drawing on Irish folklore. BUT it is here that my problems began.

The back story of how Ireland is in the state it is in was very vague, and I still wonder what the heck it was that brought the world crashing down. If they are as cut off as it would seem where are the food and water and even electricity coming from?

I am more than willing to overlook these little gripes usually, but the last 1/4 of the book started to bug me. I felt as though the ending was a bit of a let down (can’t really explain without spoilers) and it didn’t actually feel like an ending as pretty much nothing had been resolved (apart from a lot of dead teenagers).

It was an enjoyable read, really fast paced, creepy and dark, with a main character you could’t help but root for, but ultimately it felt like the beginning of a series.

Finished on April 17th 2017


You can buy the book here if you wish

The Call by Peadar O’Guilin


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