Street Song by Sheena Wilkinson (Review)

street song.png

Ryan’s career is over. After winning a TV talent show and becoming a teen sensation, his fame has spiralled into addiction, embarrassing headlines and career suicide. Now his image-obsessed stepdad wants him at home, back in school and under his thumb.

However, a chance meeting with the enigmatic Toni offers him a fresh start in a new city. Before long he has reinvented himself, made real friends and is playing real music in Toni’s band. Despite living in a hostel, busking for his wages and living under a false identity, Ryan is finally happy.

But struggling to exist on the brink of homelessness, he is exposed to a more sinister world. Forced to truly decide what kind of person he wants to be, Ryan begins to realise that starting over comes at a price.

312 pages

Released on April 20th 2017

This was a really good read. It deals with Cal (formerly known as Ryan) and how he tries to find himself a life after running away from his seemingly ideal life.

Winner of a TV talent show, now fallen from grace due to what seems like some form of depression and also drug and alcohol abuse, Ryan finally snaps one day and decides enough is enough – and leaves. He meets a random girl in a park and ends up travelling on a bus from Dublin to Belfast with her – with a new name – Cal.

Friendship grows, situations spiral out of control, Cal finds himself in some unlucky situations, and eventually hits rock bottom – but it is the last section of the book where he finally realises what has been happening and he find his inner strength, that he learns to pick himself up and build a new future.

This may seem melodramatic, but it is written very well. It did an excellent job of portraying how one small decision, on moment in time, one tiny action can change everything. It can be the difference between food and hunger. A roof over your head or a cardboard box underneath you. Friends or loneliness.

So close to 5 stars. I would highly recommend this. Oh and it’s set in Belfast – one of my favourite places!

Finished on April 11th 2017

Received via Netgalley for review

You can buy the book here if you wish

Street Song by Sheena Wilkinson


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