Definitions of Indefinable Things by Whitney Taylor (Review)


This heartbreaking, humorous novel is about three teens whose lives intersect in ways they never expected.
Reggie Mason is all too familiar with “the Three Stages of Depression.” She believes she’s unlocked the secret to keeping herself safe: Nobody can hurt you if you never let them in.
Reggie encounters an unexpected challenge to her misanthropy: a Twizzler-chomping, indie film-making narcissist named Snake. Snake’s presence, while reassuring, is not exactly stable—especially since his ex-girlfriend is seven months pregnant. As Reggie falls for Snake, she must decide whether it’s time to rewrite the rules that have defined her.

336 pages

Released in the UK on April 4th 2017

I wasn’t sure what to expect going into this as I have heard lots of mixed reviews, and suffering from depression myself, I was apprehensive about how it would be dealt with. I wasn’t disappointed.

Yes Reggie was obnoxious, mean and sarcastic, but they were her coping mechanisms. She wasn’t using her illness as an excuse at all, it was just how she dealt with things. And both Snake and Carla figured that out.

Snake was great. Just goofy enough, just cute enough to be tolerable!!!

I was happy with how the problem of depression and treatment of it were handled, as it is definitely not a one size fits all condition. It is important to understand that there isn’t always a reason for a person to be depressed, sometimes they just are. I’ve also heard criticism about how Snake and Reggie talk about their depression to each other. I personally don’t see a problem with this. One of the main issues the characters had was loneliness, and being able to talk to someone is again a way of dealing.

Despite the heavy topic, I did find myself chuckling at times, as the acerbic wit and sarcasm portrayed was really accurate and really rather funny.

Well done Whitney Taylor!

Recommended to anyone who fancies something a bit unusual and quirky.

Received a copy via Netgalley.

Finished on March 28th 2017


You can buy the book here if you wish

Definitions of Indefinable Things by Whitney Taylor


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