The Stranger by Sakia Sarginson (Review)

the stranger

We all have our secrets. Eleanor Rathmall has kept one her whole life. But when her husband dies and a stranger arrives at her door, her safe life in the idyllic English village she’s chosen as her home begins to topple.

Everyone is suspicious of this stranger, except for Eleanor. But her trust in him will put her life in danger, because nothing is as it seems; not her dead husband, the man who claims to love her, or the inscrutable outsider to whom she’s opened her home and her heart.

In a devastating love story full of intrigue and dark secrets we find that it is those who are closest to us that can sometimes pose the biggest threat of all.

384 pages

Released in the UK March 23rd 2017

I seem to be stumbling across books lately that turn out to be entirely different than I was expecting – in a good way. I was expecting a gentle ‘getting over the loss of a husband’ story, instead I got something much more sinister and complex.

This was the story of Ellie, who is revealing a secret from her past a piece at a time, which relates to what is happening in her life now.

Will, Ellie’s husband has died, and as she is trying to piece things together, 2 men come into her life. One is David, the local  landowner who runs a big farm in the village, the other a Romanian migrant who Ellie decides to try and help by giving him some work around her property. Not everything is quite as it seems, with snippets and clues being dropped in here and there. At around the 3/4 mark everything goes a bit crazy and lots of underhanded dealings are revealed, secrets are exposed, and without giving anything away, it is pretty hard to describe the potential disaster in these people’s lives.

The village where this is set is in Kent, and the locals are all seemingly extremely conservative, and see all the migrants as ‘foreigners’ and potential thieves, rapists and criminals – basically Nigel Farage & UKIP’s wet dream. Being an outsider, Ellie looks at the world differently and is more willing to be nice and to trust.

There is a growing sense of foreboding and the feeling of something sinister going on throughout this which I loved. It was very well written, with believable characters, lots of twists and turns, and it mad me feel as though I had no idea who to trust at all. The further on I got, the harder it was to put down.

It dealt with a whole host of issues relevant to modern life – migrant workers, refugees, grief, loss financial worries amongst others, but it did so in a very believable and relateable way.

Highly recommended to anyone fond of a page turner, twists and turns and attractive Romanians! Brilliant!

Received a copy via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Finished on March 19th 2017


You can buy the book here if you wish:

The Stranger by Saskia Sarginson


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