Awaken & Ascension by Michelle Bryan (Review)



The world is broken. Tara is alone. But within her a power grows. The Shift destroyed the world. All that remains is the harsh and unforgiving sand lands. Food is scarce; water even more so. And Tara has just discovered that she’s been lied to her entire life. The world as she knows it does not exist. She is not the ordinary girl she thought herself to be. Instead, she is one of a unique breed known as New Bloods – revered by some, hunted by others.Tara is no stranger to hardship. But when her village is destroyed and the young people taken by the merciless Prezedant, she must quickly learn how much of a fighter she can become.

Gathering a ragtag fellowship on her way, she embarks on a quest into the unknown to find what remains of her family. Little does she realize how dangerous it will be. Or how it will change her–and perhaps the world–forever.

(Available now)

232 pages


Tara must choose between the impossible. She knows she isn’t the person everyone wants her to be; wants nothing to do with the rebellion and strange powers that are as likely to kill her friends as her enemies. But the Prezedant has Ben, her only remaining kin. She made a promise to save him. A promise she can only keep if she tries anyway. When they finally reach the seat of the Prezedant’s power, a masquerade ball becomes the perfect stage to set in motion a plan to save Ben. It will begin and end there in a battle against the tyrant and a daring escape that will shake the world.

(Released March 1st 2017 UK)

283 pages

It will shake Tara, too, as she learns truths that change everything she had believed about herself.

Thanks to a rather good ending to Awaken, I had to read Ascension straight away, so it made sense to talk about them both together.

Set in a future that is believable and recognisable yet so different that our world, the New Bloods books take you on a ride filled with fear, hope, discovery and violence.

Tara decides she has to rescue her ‘kin’ after a raid on her village by the army of the power crazed ‘Prezedant’ leaves her with nothing and no-one. As the story progresses she learns about herself, and assembles a collection of rag tag characters all hoping to find a better future.

Michelle Bryan managed to leave me gasping for more at the end of Awaken so I was so glad to have Ascension available to read right away. I wasn’t disappointed.

The stories were both a little formulaic, with a rebel group being assembled, attacking the bad guys, trying to rescue good guys or escape over and over, but it was written so well it felt like a movie playing out in my head.

The ending of Ascension was even more frustrating to me than Awaken… That last line! I mean really? And after learning so much so quickly….

Looking forward to the next one…

Thanks to NetGalley for copies of both of these in exchange for reviews.

Awaken finished on February 22nd


Ascension finished on February 25th


You can buy the books here if you wish:

Awaken By Michelle Bryan

Ascension by Michelle Bryan


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