All Our Wrong Todays by Elan Mastai (Review)

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When Tom loses the love of his life, time travel seems like the only answer. . . what could possibly go wrong?

Elan Mastai’s breakthrough novel brings a whole new dimension to a classic love story

So, the thing is, I come from the world we were supposed to have.

That means nothing to you, obviously, because you live here, in the crappy world we do have.

But it never should’ve turned out like this. And it’s all my fault – well, me and to a lesser extent my father.

And, yeah, I guess a little bit Penelope.

In both worlds, she’s the love of my life. But only a single version of her can exist.

I have one impossible chance to fix history’s greatest mistake and save this broken world.

Except it means saving one Penelope and losing the other forever – and I have absolutely no idea which to choose . . .

(393 pages)

This book is due for release in the UK on March 2nd – Kindle edition available now.

Wow! This was one heck of a brain twister.

Tom Barren manages to accidentally destroy the future we were supposed to have and ends up in the one we do have. Sounds bizarre already right? Well that’s just the beginning. After living his life in ‘his’ future, being catapulted into ‘our’ future, he is made to go back to right things… This sounds way too complicated, and way too much like a mind exploding sci-fi time travel film right? WRONG!!!!

The way it is written means that the story is about the characters. Tom/John, his family, Penelope/Penny and Lionel rather than just being pure sci-fi. The time travel elements are written extremely well and actually manage to explain the causal loops and paradoxes that hurt my head when I watch films like the ‘Terminator’ and ‘Back to the Future’.

The writing was fun, and slightly wacky – it was written from the point of view of the main character writing his experiences down, so it was at times mildly disjointed (intentionally), but it did all hold together really well, and actually all made sense, which is one heck of an achievement for crazy timeline altering stories.

It was very hard to like Tom at times, because to be blunt, he acted like a dick. He could be so self absorbed and hosting his own pity party, but after he started experiencing his wrong todays, he began to develop and grow. You could feel him learning to accept and appreciate what he had in front of him, and trying to figure out how to make his, and those around him’s lives better.

Bizarrely I was quite moved by this story. It did leave me with a lump in my throat, as the craziness of time travel, and all the ‘what-ifs’ that we ask ourselves on a daily basis are really unnecessary, as Tom says;

“there’s no such thing as the life you’re supposed to have”.

I think that quote sums it up beautifully.

I highly recommend this book to people who enjoy character development, and a mildly wacky writing style. There are a few laugh out loud moments, and plenty more smile on the face moments. Don’t get put off thinking it’s an all out sci-fi novel… It isn’t, it just happens to have time travel in it.

I received a copy of this through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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Finished on February 18th 2017.


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You can buy the book here if you wish:

All Our Wrong Todays by Elan Mastai


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