The Female of the Species by Mindy McGinnis (Review)


Alex Craft knows how to kill someone. And she doesn t feel bad about it.

Three years ago, when her older sister, Anna, was murdered and the killer walked free, Alex uncaged the language she knows best the language of violence. While her own crime goes unpunished, Alex knows she can t be trusted among other people. Not with Jack, the star athlete who wants to really know her but still feels guilty over the role he played the night Anna s body was discovered. And not with Peekay, the preacher s kid with a defiant streak who befriends Alex while they volunteer at an animal shelter. Not anyone.

As their senior year unfolds, Alex s darker nature breaks out, setting these three teens on a collision course that will change their lives forever.

That was BRUTAL! In a good way of course. Dark and twisted. Hopeful and forward looking. Sad and moving. Surprising.

There are so many words that can describe this, but I think one of the best ones is ‘IMPORTANT’.

This novel dissects high school culture, rape culture and slut-shaming. None of it is gratuitous though. There are some pretty graphic descriptions of violence and sexual assault, so this may not be for everyone, but I certainly had my eyes opened.

The story is told from three separate points of view;

Alex – the girl seeking revenge who isn’t afraid to throw the first punch.

Peekay – the rebellious preacher’s kid (hence the name) who becomes friends with Alex and helps her become more “human” but doesn’t necessarily think before she speaks or acts.

Jack – the male POV, star jock, who is the ‘typical’ boy, who begins to see the world differently.

The way the story builds, events unfold and characters develop was mesmerizing. I’ve never read a book by this author before, but this has definitely piqued my interest.

It managed to totally cut through what makes us human, reasons behind actions and violence as well as soul searching and trying to tell right from wrong. Then there was the ending.

I had my guts wrenched out, was forced to hope, then was punched in the face…

There’s so much to take from this book. A definite recommendation.

Finished on 26th January 2017


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The Female of the Species by Mindy McGinnis


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