Sirens by Joseph Knox (Review)


Set in a sprawling, twilight northern city, Sirens introduces Aidan Waits, a disgraced young detective caught stealing drugs from evidence and subsequently blackmailed into going undercover. When an MP’s daughter runs away from home, Waits is sent to track her down and finds himself at the centre of a maelstrom of drugs, blackmail and deception.
Uncovering the motives of those involved, he’s thrown forwards through politicians, police and drug lords – towards a conclusion and a truth he really doesn’t want to know.

This was a recommendation from Waterstones (UK Bookstore). Being set only around 40 or so miles from where I live, featuring places I thought I was familiar with I thought “why not”.
I wasn’t disappointed. This was NOT the Manchester I thought I knew. This was dark, gritty and criminal. And I loved it!
The pacing was really good, almost like a foxtrot – slow, slow, quick, quick, slow – with twists and turns all over. The characters were interesting too. You felt for them, then didn’t – thinking “well it’s their own mess”, then felt for them again when something horrid happened. There wasn’t a clear cut line between good and bad, black and white – everything was a very murky shade of grey, and this is one of the things that made the book so readable.
You were led down one route thinking you knew who was responsible for one of the massive collection of crimes going on (ranging from assault, murder, prostitution, corruption to drug dealing), but then – boom – it turns out you were wrong.
I really did enjoy it, and if you’e a fan of dark twisty thrillers, but fancy something different, set somewhere other than the US or London, then try this, you may well enjoy it.

Finished on January 28th 2017


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Sirens by Joseph Knox


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