Disclaimer by Renee Knight (Review)


What if you realized the book you were reading was all about you?

When an intriguing novel appears on Catherine’s bedside table, she curls up in bed and begins to read. But as she turns the pages she is sickened to realize the story will reveal her darkest secret. A secret she thought no one else knew…

I picked this up after just being grabbed by the idea that someone could write a book about you and the thing you don’t want anyone else to know about you. I certainly wasn’t disappointed. It is pretty hard to describe the story without giving the ‘secrets’ and ‘twists’ away, and I certainly don’t want to spoil it because I was genuinely surprised.

You’re led along alternately by Catherine (the subject of the book) and Stephen (the mystery author), and their perspectives of what is going on. This is done so well that I was never quite sure what was going to happen, or what had happened to make Stephen so determined to destroy Catherine.

I loved the seemingly subtle unfurling of the tangled web, and was left both open-mouthed and smirking at the events leading up to the ending.

It just goes to show that things may not always be how they appear.

Finished on January 3rd 2017


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Disclaimer by Renee Knight


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